A work compilation that I have produced as a graphic designer since 2005. This site is arranged as a grid system, which you can swipe or tap through to discover personal and professional projects, illustrations and more.

Kali Mutsa - Mesmer


Two years after her genre-bending full length 'Souvenance', Latin America's goddess of global pop is back with a celestial new EP titled 'Mesmer'. Teaming up with Chilean producers Erasmo Parra and Pablo Stipicic, 'Mesmer' is a galactic voyage into the mind of Chilean actress and artist Celine Reymond. Adopting her alias Kali Mutsa or 'Black Cat' in Romani, 'Mesmer' is Reymond's debut of originals on London's record label ENDMK.

Kali Mutsa Mesmer

Zebra 93 - Take your Time


Summer is just under the horizon - and so are the warm, modular riffs of one of Latin America's most anticipated bands. born in the Sun and baptised in the Sea. Santiago's Zebra 93 - composed of Roman Sebastian (MKRNI, Roman & Castro), Miguel Irarrazaval and Fran Vives - journey to the hazy solstice of Chilean dream pop with a three-track EP titled 'Take your time'.

Zebra 93

Kali Mutsa - Souvenance Remixes

2014 - LONDON, UK

Summoned by the voices of the Atacama Desert, Kali Mutsa is the divine musical reincarnation of Chilean actress and visual artist Celine Reymond.

Celebrated as the Latin American answer to M.I.A. and Die Antwoord, Kali Mutsa fuses Baltic, Indian and traditional Latin American sounds producing her own provocative blend of club ready Global Pop.

Making her ENDMK debut with a six-track remix EP titled ‘Souvenace Remixes’, Kali Mutsa sees her songs reimagined on two different continents. Featuring Night Slugs affiliate, Neana, Her Records founder, Sudanim, and ENDMK boss, Tatsu Jones, the sonic journey starts in London and concludes in South America with Chile’s Imbaas, Argentina’s El Remolón and French tropical bass specialist, King Doudou.

Kali Mutsa Souvenance remixes img

Peugeot 208 MV

2015 - LONDON, UK

Peugeot 208 has had a makeover: this compact, next-generation city car is now even more sporty and elegant. For this campaign the central concept was to re-energise the car's visual identity.

Working with the agency Havas Helias, my involvement in this campaign was to create Flash banners that would create a soft parallax effect and also a different HTML5 dynamic campaing that will allow the sales team to modify the content on the fly.

banners preview in DoubleClick (Parallax campaign) banners preview in DoubleClick (Dynamic campaign)

Magnum Pink and Black

2015 - LONDON, UK

On Sunday 31st of May 2015, we joined Magnum and Regent Street for a traffic-free day of exclusive offers, celebrity-curated experiences, DJs and catwalk shows; hosted by Magnum to celebrate the launch of their two new ice creams to suit the different sides of your personality – playful Pink Raspberry and sophisticated Black Espresso. You will be able to shop the key looks for SS/15 from your favourite Regent Street stores while tasting the two luxurious new Magnum ice creams.

Magnum Pink and Black

Virgin Trains Arrive Awesome

2014 - LONDON, UK

The best way to drive that acquisition was to use the positive 'pull' of trains rather than highlighting the negatives of driving or flying. Shining the spotlight on long-distance train travel, we focused on the way people feel when they arrive at their destination on a Virgin Train. The speed, the price and the experience all mean our customers don't just get there, they get there feeling great.

The campaign runs across multiple channels including TV, cinema, posters, digital screens, press, radio, and online media. My involvement in this campaign was to create dynamic banners based on geo-targeting and remarketing by working directly with Google and their platform double-click.

Watch the TV Ad on Youtube banners preview in DoubleClick

Lynx Peace

2014 - LONDON, UK

The 'Make Love Not War' campaign is built around the idea that the world’s a better place when we focus our passions.

The project was delivered using agile methodologies, with a high level of client involvement throughout. TMW introduced a new collaborative design approach to this project, whereby creative technologists and interactive designers worked hand in hand during the creative process. My involvement in this campaign was to generate animations and video assets for the online campaign.

Watch the TV Ad on Youtube TMW blog to find out more banners preview in Mediamind
Lynx Peace

Persil Red Nose Day

2015 - LONDON, UK

This is all about making a funny face for money – and Perry, Penny, Percy and Posey Persil are joining in with the Comic Relief fun.

These limited edition bottles will help us raise £1 million to transform peoples lives in the UK and across Africa. My involvement in this campaign was to generate animations for the online campaign.

MPU banner on Mediamind Leaderboard banner on Mediamind Skyscapper banner on Mediamind Double MPU banner on Mediamind Billboard banner on Mediamind
Persil Red Nose day

Borderlands 2 Mount Jackmore

2012 - LONDON, UK

2K Games and Gearbox Software have launched ‘Mount Jackmore’, an online game with prizes to give away, including the much sought-after Limited Edition Loot Lockers.

Handsome Jack, the ultimate villain of Gearbox Software's upcoming release, Borderlands 2, has kicked his arrogance and douchebaggery up a notch by carving his face into Pandora's rocky landscape. ‘Mount Jackmore’ gives players the mission to shoot away at his chiseled features in the hope of taking away a prize.

In this project I was in charge of 3D graphics while working for the digital agency Ralph &co.

gamer4eva review here Watch the game trailer in Youtube

Kuku Clock


Illustration created by Andrea Barja & Fabian Andrade in 2005. The oficial Wallpaper was for sale in welovepattern.com

welovepattern.com download the pattern here
kuku clock

That Winning Feeling

2011 - LONDON, UK

That Winning Feeling was a promotional campaign for Gamesys, and its website Jackpotjoy.com, integrating social media into a gambling website. The customer retention mechanic allows people to simply upload a picture from their computers or webcam and type 80 characters to say what would they do if they would win the prize. Every Friday the top five photos won £1,000 cash prize each.

During October 2011 “That Winning Feeling” promotion was tied with a TV campaign that appeared to be extremely popular, resulting in a total of 5,196 entries from 3,775 unique members and getting Gamesys the first place in the EGR:E-Gaming Review Marketing Campaign of the Year. Later on the promotion was redesigned for the Spanish website, also a Christmas version called “That Festive Feeling” was released on December 2011, adding a voting functionality.

That Winning Feeling



Blackaut is an open collaborative organization designed to be a link between investigation and creativity. Its aim is to create unique projects that are not necessarily related with the traditional client workflow. Blackauts structure is divided in labs for research and an academy which hosts different courses, workshops and master classes.




Organisation dedicated to exploring the relationship between projected light & human movement, creating various kinds of challenging projects including audio-visual performances & interactive installations. Null Øbject - formed in 2012, was a collaborative company between South America (Santiago) and Europe (London).

Null Øbject on facebook nullobject.org
 nullobject_image  nullobject_image  nullobject_image


2014 - LONDON, UK

Developed as part of the TMW Tech team, this framework is a tailored solution to integrate Google's Double-Click. The system is a quick and easy way to produce advertising campaigns in HTML 5/CSS3, especially for rich media and dynamic banners. The framework has been proven to be successful after being implemented by various advertising agencies from the UK.

BannerHammer repo on Github

The Guide Series

2013 - LONDON, UK

Learn the best tricks to challenge the traditional economic system, easy tips and step by step how-to guides!

Guide to Permaculture on Issuu Guide to Shoplifting on Issuu
this is a projects/guidePack_ image

Free Shop

2011, - LONDON, UK

Operating under 3 simple rules:

  • Take whatever you want
  • Dump only useful stuff
  • No refunds

The Free shop was created as a simple way to acquire things you like, or get rid of stuff you don't want anymore. Based on the experience of different squats around Spain and Germany, the idea of having a store where you don't have to pay challenges the principles of market economy and gives trading a new meaning. For a long time Free Shop served people in the Arena warehouses, to trade a variety of things such as caps, shoes, clothing, perfumes, books, umbrellas, tents etc.


The Dead Dictators Colouring Book

2013 - LONDON UK

Published by Two Magpies Editorial (2013) 35 Pages, 13.5 x 21.3 cm, Paperback, Edition of 500

The colouring book is a compilation of work from various illustrators, portraying the most fearsome of fallen totalitarian rulers, carefully arranged by the cost in human lives. It aims to outline the disastrous effects of greed and unlimited power.

tipitin bookshop review The Dead Dictators Colouring Book on Issuu
The Dead Dictators Colouring Book

Face Enhancer

2010 - LONDON, UK

Find your inner creature from around 60.466176 possibilities. Each creature is created with a random combination of distinguishing features such as eyes, mouths, heads and horns in order to allow the player to go on a spiritual search for their own inner beasts. Webcam and Flash player required.

Launch Face enhancer
Face enhancer

Sticka Stickers


Sticka is an independent project of home-made printed stickers, made with silkscreening UV and wet proof protection. All stickers were designed based on copyright free images from resized internet icons, memes, authorized fan-art, old illustrations and own drawings.

The main objective is to get people involved in the search for their own perfect sticker. With hundreds of different types displayed in an unordered table, people can feel free to choose and enjoy something that they never thought they would actually need.


The Resistance Kit

2014 - LONDON UK

Resistance Kit - Liberator key rings. The fight for freedom doesn’t always require bullets, so enjoy the privilege of having your own none-shooting 3D printed gun.

Available in black and white for £7 – I’ll even get them delivered to your door. Get in touch.

resistance kit



Logo design – For the Kubb&Co a global digital agency that specializes in digital strategy development and execution.

Kubb&co on facebook kubbco.com/



Logo design – For the company CMS Sabre focusing in full customization with an intuitive editor, task commissioned by Kubb&co


Dare Plane


Logo design – Dareplane is the first global, social game show where your favorite star is led on an interactive adventure, performing dares & winning prizes, task commissioned by Kubb&co

Dareplane on facebook



Logo design – Samovino is a group of young, creative wine lovers. Their aim is to market and distribute in Germany excellent, but often overlooked wine from Serbia.

Samovino on facebook Samovino.com

Discover Sahara


This is a project developed for the Berbers, a 9000 year old culture from Merzouga, South of Morocco who live as nomads among the dunes and the camels of Sahara.

We created an intercultural exchange node in the dunes of Erg, that allows people to stay and learn with the Berbers in the Sahara desert in their recently formed nomad camp. An alternative holiday away from tourist traps and the big city bustle, it gives travellers a unique opportunity to relax and be free.

Discover Sahara on facebook
discover sahara

Instagram Hunt

2014 - LONDON, UK

Logo design for an Instagram driven treasure hunt at TMW agency.

instagram hunt



Branding and CSS styling for the mobile Valparaiso Festival of Arts app. The geo-targeted app allowed thousand of people to understand efficiently what was going on around them during the event. The app has been developed with jQuery mobile.




During early 2005 the apparition of the first smart phones with Internet connection and Flash Lite support allowed users for the first time to bypass standard TXT messages. Using a WAP portal the users were allowed to download a Flash Lite client called “APPZ” that supported the instant communication between people with the client installed, integrating games with an early social media system. This was a first step approach to Whatsapp and texting via web.

Movilz Logo

DV Coam


Logo design for an environmental studies and consultancy company based in Santiago de Chile.

dv coam



Hexaplumber is an iPhone app designed by me and developed by Baytex Software. In the highly addictive puzzle game you are in charge of transporting honey across the honeycomb with the help of HexaPlumber, our favourite bee. You'll connect the pipes to get across the hexagonal board, reaching the honey sink, which feeds the baby bees through the entire bee-society.

Hexamplumber on iTunes store

Two Magpies Editorial

2013 - LONDON, UK

Since 2010 this self-publishing editorial has dedicated itself to corrupting good citizens and vandalising the streets, with provocative stickers and zines filled with dubious tips as well as good advice - pushing the limits between law and our own principles.

The ideas come from our daily lives in the city, the chronic dissatisfaction of routine and mindless commuting, unfulfilling jobs and the infinite discussions of how and what could be a better and more exciting own world.

Two Magpies Editorial on facebook
Two Magpies Editorial



Original t-shirt design of an allegorical representation of scabies which is a contagious skin desease caused by microrganisms living under the skin.

Leche de Tigre Leche de Tigre

Leche de Tigre

2010 - LONDON, UK

This little demon is inspired by "Leche de tigre" (tiger's milk), a Peruvian term for the citrus-based marinade that cures the seafood in a ceviche.

Leche de Tigre Leche de tigre II

Rat Kind

2013 - LONDON, UK

Illustration with rats.

Rat Kind

Halloween Helvetica

2012 - LONDON, UK

A Mexican skull made entirely out of Helvetica - made me the proud winner of a bottle of champagne at the Halloween competition in Wundermand London.

Helvetica Halloween


2015 - LONDON, UK

Digital illustration. When you don't come home with the 1st prize, just try and be as happy as this little horse.

See it on Saatchi
Horsy the horse


2013 - LONDON, UK

An image sequence about the multiplication of patogen cells inside another organisms.

Metastasis Animated gif

The Twisted Chakra Mandalas

2011 - LONDON, UK

From twisted chakra mandalas, this series of 7 allegoric illustrations is based on the problems of the energetic centres inside the human body.

Using the repetition and imperfection to explore a blooming world of ethereal parasites displayed in non symmetrical mandalas, the mandalas represent all the tortured chakras of the mundane world.

The Crown Chakra Disorder The Knowledge Chakra Disorder The Expressive Chakra Disorder The Solar Plexus Chakra Disorder The Heart Chakra Disorder The Crown Chakra Disorder The Root Chakra Disorder


2013 - LONDON, UK

One mirrored landscape works itself into generating an ethereal human being.


Barrio Chino


Barrio Chino Illustration is based on a sculpture I discovered during a trip in China Town, Buenos Aires. The illustrations are a rich mix between Latin American and Asian culture.

Barrio_Chino Bariro Chino 2


2012 - LONDON, UK

Vector lllustration of a mutant formation.


Yage Monster


Forms part of a series of allegorical demons inspired by the Yagé ceremony, performed by the indigenous people of Latin America.

Latin Monster Yagé Latin Monster Yagé Latin Monster Yagé

London Screen

2012 - LONDON, UK

Invitation design for the exhibition "London Screen", curated for Javier Calderón, the artshow included various London artists who presented their work in Mexico DF. The illustration is inspired in the London transport system but also it make a reference to the survelliance status quo of the of London, while the multiple arms holding sausages represents endless commuting hours of people working for in the big city.

London Screen

Please dont hire me

2013 - LONDON, UK

Just Kidding.

pleasedonthireme -->


I'm making a living as an artist, designer and creative technologist, specialising in several areas of digital arts, including animation, video, coding and projection mapping. I worked on a diverse range of projects over the last years and I have vast experience of producing design solutions with high standards. I also love teaching and I have worked as a lecturer for different universities in Santiago. My clients include a diverse mix of brands and organisations around the globe, feel free to get in touch for bespoke projects or silly ideas.

Fabz bio picture - by joia magazine